Install Latest PhpMyAdmin in RHEL/CentOS 7/6 and Fedora 24-20

February 19, 2017
MySQL administration via command-line in Linux is very difficult job for any newbie system administrator or database administrator, because it contains numerous commands which we cannot remember in our daily life. Suggested Read: MySQL Basic Database Administration Commands To make MySQL

The Main objectives of Social Media Marketing

March 21, 2016
The Main objectives of Social Media Marketing The social media is a very productive marketing channel in todays world.There are about 2.370 billion combined users of facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedIn. Social media helps you build you brand and interact with your audience. The overall

How website can improve your business?

March 17, 2016
How website can improve your business? Everyone knows that website are good for business. But have you asked yourself – in what ways website can help your business? We have listed some of them below. 1. 24/7 availability: Your website is always open 24/7 , 365 days so your customer can

Why responsive website is needed?

March 15, 2016
Why responsive website design is important? What is Responsive design? Responsive web design allow website layout to change as the screen size being used to view is changed.On a wide screen display multiple columns of content is viewed, while on mobile screen a single column is displayed. Therefore